Unbuttoned History

When Mike is away, the gang will play….a lot of shitty games. Learn how Korean women look like babies, how Mike Hachey as wrong about moveable type and why Dan Kruger’s girlfriend hates Caleb.

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This week Americans celebrate a feast holiday of Thanksgiving merging the ideas of having a great late fall feast and to remember our centuries long issues with racial interaction, but this week we look at notable food fails born of pride, greed, and just straight up dumbassery. Caleb encourages listeners to listen to the Hot 8 Brass Band's cover of "Sexual Healing" and talks about a new podcast coming out.

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Learn about how the Spanish conquered a more advanced civilization through never bathing and having gross pig diseases.

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The gang explains how Metacomet’s post-mortem revenge on English Colonists leads to the heroin epidemic in New England.

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Caleb, Mike and Mike discuss the finer points of 19th century sexual harassment and Rasputin.


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