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It's getting chilly out there! Y'know, depending on where you live. Sidle up to the hearth with Terry and warm up with a cheery Christmas tale of one of the worst accidents to have ever happened. Don't worry - it works out in the end.

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Season's Greetings, Historians! In this mini episode, Caleb sits alone in the Roxbury Laboratory, and brings you the curious tale of the city of Gävle's Yuletide Goat. Which no matter how hard the builders try, gets burnt down or destroyed nearly every year. Also, why the film "The wicker Man" should never have been Americanized.

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Liberia: Blooper reel of a country or living example of the failure of humans? Today we look at a country who's altruistic beginnings gave way to hell on Earth.

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Caleb and Mike really want to talk to William Blackstone and they're committed to getting him on the Ghostphone--even if it means hanging up on a couple of historical figures along the way. This week we talk about how riding a bull feels between a man's legs, potable water and how annoying the Puritans were.

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