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Since we just finished a series on the 6 Newest Nations, we thought, why not keep it going with a new Series? History Lessons presents Failed revolution, a series on some of histories most and least known failed revolts, uprisings, revolutions and Armed protests. This week we being with The Jewish Uprising or Great Revolt between the Jews of Judea and the Roman empire. Learn about how political infighting ruins revolutions and that if you're a middle aged white man and super into the Roman Empire, you're probably a fascist.

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The boys peer through the kaleidoscope of violence that is South Sudan see all of human history. This is the final installment of the 6 Newest Nations series.

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From the annals of Russian Incompetence Volume #8097, The Winter War, or: How Cross Country Skiing and Frozen Swamps Humiliated the Soviet Union.

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