Unbuttoned History

While vacationing at the Bishop Wharf Caleb, Mike, Emma and Cpt. Mike the Intern talk about the three dictators that ran Paraguay in the 1800s. The good ideas, the bad ideas, and the catastrophic ideas of three very different dictators. Listen to Paraguayan rock band Flou's "A Tu Lado" at the end of the 'cast.

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We have a full house tonight at the Roxbury laboratory. This episode is a banger: weird characters, Senators revealing their sexual and intellectual ineptitude, a ratio of 50% topic and 50% tangents and sad Gaelic Violin music. Enjoy our discussion of how the American Government persecuted homosexuals for most of the Cold War.

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Today Caleb talks about a hidden Pyramid in the Mexican jungle. Then he chats with the foreman of the project and the crazy way this Pyramid was found.

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What if I told you that the Navy decided to find out if gay men were in the navy by trying to get gay decoys? And What If i told you, that job was suddenly really popular? And then what if I told you that the Clergy got caught up in it?

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