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It's the last episode of 2016, are we talking about Christmas, Chanukah or New Years eve? Nope, we're talking about an insane racist battle in New Orleans. Merry Merry!

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You've heard it talked about in the news for 52 years, Communist guerillas fighting the Colombian government in interior jungles. What do any of us really know what The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People's Army is really about? Where did they come from? What do they want? Why have they been fighting for so long that almost all the other Communists are gone?

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What if I told you there could have dozens of different States than we see on the map? This week a rather congested Caleb is rocking solo in the Rox Labs Studios and goes over states that's proposals, partitions and secessions were rejected. 

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This week we bring you the tale of how the IMF and Communist Megalomaniacs worked together to decimate a country. Also covered: Russian Anti-Semitism, Modern Day Druids, Why Blind Mike decided to be a Civil Engineer and a fan who is an enigma.

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The 2016 US Presidential Election has happened. Caleb and Blind Mike made a pact to not talk about it. But Mike has different plans. What starts as next week's episode devolves into an hour plus conversation about everything that has happened, and what might be coming down the line.

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What came first, the satanist or the lunatic christian? Let us take you back to a simpler time when everyone believed in magic - the 1980s.

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Presidential UFO Sightings. Medieval Eastern European Serial Killers. And maybe if you're good, just how the hell Halloween even came together. All of this and more on this week's Unbuttoned History!

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We finish our two part series on the Congo and Colonialism. We shift from direct Colonial Oppression to Post-Colonial neglect. We cover the Rise and Fall of Patrice Lumumba, Mobutu's brutal rule of Zaire, and the unending wars of the DRC era.

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The Tale of today's Democratic republic of Congo is so  long that we had to split it into two episodes. In the first installment we briefly talk about the Pre-European Colonization Kingdom of Kongo. Then we talk about the horrific Congo Free State and the slightly less horrific Belgian Congo.

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Atrocity Deathmatch rears it's ugly head once again. This time we focus on three WWII and beyond era horrors. The tales that were so disgusting that amid a world rife with Atrocities, these stories lived in even darker shadows. From the Holocaust's Josef Mengele, to the Japanese Unit 731 all the way to America's own shame in the Tuskeegee Experiments. Who wins? Should anyone really win?

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While Blind Mike tries to tell the listener about the Rus Khaganate, Caleb and Mike interrupt him with tangents ranging from Trinidadian Musicians all the way to the Problem with Uncircumcised men.

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The Badass Bitches Series continue with a woman who is the greatest example of the American Dream.

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The Mikes have finally returned for this doozy about Megalomaniacs, Sociopaths and a sorta Dumb guy who might have actually become a Messiah just as he told everyone he wasn't one.

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Badass Bitches is back with American Legend Sojourner "Ain't I a Woman" Truth. This week a totally not sick Caleb is joined by a clearly not sicker Rebecca and a Healthy Julia who is back by popular demand.

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Caleb and Mike are joined by Rebecca to talk about the time a Prime Minister got drunk and called an election to prove a point--only for it to blow up in his face. The gang decides to drink heavily in honor of the infamous PM Robert Muldoon, only to have this episode blow up in their face.

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What is nothing? How can something be nothing? And why is understanding the concept of zero so important? Today special guest Rebecca Bishop joins us to find out how something we take for granted was conceived in Gupta India and broadcast to the world.

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We talk about the Prime Minister of Sweden who was killed by either Reagan and Thatcher, South African Spies, Kurdish Separatists, the nation of Yugoslavia, IKEA or just some guy by accident. 

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Today we discover that all the problems of the world can be blamed on the British...again.

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2 African Communists fight in the desert--also featuring an in-depth look at Communist sweetheart Leonid Brezhnev’s eyebrows.

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There are so many popes and they are all terrible.

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The roof is on fire, the roof is on fire, we don’t need no water--though we could use some water as the Philly PD has dropped an actual bomb on us.

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The gang digs up the rotting corpse of Niccolò Machiavelli in order to learn a thing or two about being a power-hungry douchebag.

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Smelly, mostly white people fight over poop.

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“Hey, Caleb, I found these golden discs in the trash. Let’s con some people.” - John Smith

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Watch a man pull the living body of a nation state out of the rubble of an empire.

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In today's show Unbuttoned History tries to tackle the murky, complex and erratic history of the Black Panther Party.

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Journey down the misty waters of the Mekong River and see the city-sized temples of indescribably ornate masonry and refinement; the unparalleled landscaping, and artificial bodies of water;  and cities of millions in the 1100s. Have you entered a mythic land of gods? Or could Could it be, the Khmer Empire.

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Oh gee, monotheism. Are they magicians? Are they fire-worshippers? Who are these Zoroastrians?!

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Discover how a cripple got us out of a pickle!

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Wait--you’re telling me that Cinco de Mayo isn’t about Mexican Independence and drinking…?! Here’s a truth shot, bro. Take it with salt.

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From nomads to losers of colonial border disputes, to freedom fighters, today we speak about Stateless People: those distinct ethnicities, cultures and history of Peoples without a Nation.

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Today the gang discovers that no matter the politics or ideologies Chinese and Russian People just don’t like each other. Listen as TWO communist nations’ incompetence nearly sends us spirally towards thermonuclear war.

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For the last time in history, tax evasion is the key to vast personal wealth.

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Listen to the Russians work out the principles of the enlightenment a couple hundred years too late and completely cock it up. Think of it as the rejected pilot of the Communist Revolution.

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We are governed by foolish men. Today we learn that  those sent to covertly protect us are actually dipshits and sociopaths. It’s CIA FuckUps.

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From the Delhi Sultanate to the Ming Dynasty to modern day Indonesia, the gang explains why Islam is more FAR East than Middle East.

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Much like the Tootsie Pop, how many revolutions does it take to free a country from Spain...One, Two, Threeeeeee--Crunch! Simon Bolivar: Monster or Mensch?

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Hey! Turns out genocide is not super funny. But listen to this anyway! The gang dissects the Armenian and Rwandan Genocides without ever referencing the Kardashians--oh goddamnit.

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Punch your way to liberty, fuck your way to fame. The gang talks about the man who would have his head on Mount Rushmore 4 times if it were up to Caleb - Frederick Douglass!

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Take 1.2 million squares miles of arable land.


Add 1.2 billion human beings.


Season with armor plated war elephants and values of religious tolerance and learning.


Shake vigorously.


This is the how you make a great empire of India.


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Pin-up Girls? Rosie the Riveter? They got nothing on these badass bitches. Learn about the super spies, skirted snipers, and tank piloting girlfriends that led the allies to victory in World War Two.

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The best person who will ever live has already come and gone, so you can stop trying so hard.

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Do you believe in magic? What are you, a fucking idiot?! Join the gang in a gynecological journey through the spirit world. From ectoplasm to Anti-Semitism, we cover it all.

#teamhoudini #teammargery

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7 foot tall, Chinese Muslim eunuch badass sails around the world collecting giraffes and beating people up. What are you gunna do about it? Nothing. Zheng He.  

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Jews have been oppressed for thousands of years. Now find out about the Jews that the Jews oppress! The gang discusses the African Jewish Kingdom of Beta Israel.

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This week Blind Captain Mike really hits the mark -- the BISMARCK that is. Your Unbuttoned hosts have been saving up the tangents all holiday break and they’re ready to unleash their hilarity across a unified Germany.

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We’ve got a new name, but it’s an, old old world. On the inaugural episode of the newly-renamed Unbuttoned History, we discuss the indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia, and Europe. So light a fire, put on a robe and get casually sexy with Unbuttoned History. Unbutton it.

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