Unbuttoned History

In this episode of History Lessons with Caleb, Mike & Terry Caleb reports alone from his house and does a whole episode on the History you never heard of, because it never happened. Three tales from across space and time: 1969 San Francisco, the Big Bang and also early 80s Minneapolis and Paris in the year 875. Follow Caleb on his journey through time, but probably don't 'cause it's all bullshit.

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In this weeks episode we continue our Series of the 6 Newest Nations with Montenegro. Caleb and Mike try to stay on topic in this Terry-less episode. Hear about the EU, The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, Christopher Hitchens, which Pseudo-Historian is the fans' favorite--and maybe if they have time Montenegro.

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The boys tackle what some call the Bloodiest War in History. Thousands dead. Total War. Proto-Communism. All this from an Asian guy being stressed out by a test.

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