Unbuttoned History

Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley invent Gothic Post Punk while Methos the Immortal and DJ Dr. John Williams Polidari invent the first mixtape. We  learn that Lord Byron is  a Sex Monster. Oh, and Frankenstein is written.

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The gang minus Mike the Intern, assemble to talk to one of the greatest minds in history: Isaac Newton. In an interesting turn of events, he's a complete freak. Special Guest Appearance by Gabe Graetz!

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Forced migration: fun for the whole family! Listen to the latest installment of Atrocity Deathmatch and let us know which is more atrocious: the American Trail of Tears or Soviet Russia’s Operation Lentil.

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Grab a Guinness, turn on that Cranberries CD, and see how Irish petty grievances, World War I, and English underestimation leads to the worst Dublin's ever seen.

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