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We continue our series of the 6 Newest Nations with East Timor. The Boys talk about Sub-par Colonization, Revolutionary Groups with cool Acronym names and the Winter Olympics.

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Your favorite Pseudo-Historians welcome Boston rapper/Producer/Engineer and Hip Hop Historian Myart. We Discuss the music and culture from it's forebearers in the Caribbean and it's humble South Bronx Block Party starts to it's current status as the most dominant music in the World. Check out Myart at: facebook.com/myartsmash @MyartSmash on twitter hulkshare.com/myartsmash and Youtube.com/Myartsmash

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Caleb and Terry continue our new Series The 6 Newest Nations with number 5 on our list: Palau. Palau's history is very much like the country: small, relatively unimportant, and changing hands every 20 years. Later an uninvited guest drops by and things descend from there.

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This week we start our new series "The 6 Newest Nations" where we focus on the world's youngest countries and their short and sometimes long histories. This week Caleb and Terry kick it off with #6 Eritrea.

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