Unbuttoned History

In this episode the gang talks about the fascinating history of the Birth Control Pill from Greek Goddesses eating pomegranate seeds to the Political War over Women's Healthcare in 21st Century America. Yes, they discuss this in the manner that you are accustomed to, nothing is different about yours hosts this week, absolutely nothing at all.

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Emma tells the ridiculous tale of when the Australian Military faced their greatest threat at home: large flightless birds. Buckle up this one is gonna be absurd.

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The gang get a little sensational as they discuss an article on Norman Ohler's book The Total Rush: Drugs in the Third Reich. Learn how pretty much everyone was out of their gourds on drugs before, during and after World War II. We also have a discussion on how pervasive narcotics have been for war efforts.

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The Badass Bitches series continues as Mike & Mike discuss Theodora empress of Byzantine, in Mike's Somerville cave.

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