Unbuttoned History

While snowed in alone at the Roxbury Laboratory for Snow, Snow and more fucking Snow. Caleb rememebrs a different Blizzard with the help of family tales, way back in the seventies when trucks didn't beep when they backed up and people chose to go to colllege hockey games instead of listen to the National Weather Service.

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With sickness sweeping the studio, only Terry is left to interview a guest on the Ghost Phone. Along with him, you'll find out about Quebec's potential sovereignty, the hated British, and all of the delectable cuisine you can only find in a region full of Francophonics.

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Your three favorite Petit Blancs try and keep their lives while they tell you about the most complex Risk game ever attempted: the Haitian Revolution. Learn how the Black Napoleon defeats the white Napoleon, How rich Haiti once was and why Spain and France named their territories on the same Island, the same name.

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