Unbuttoned History

Caleb is alone in the studio which means only one thing: Stuff that's not true! On this edition of Today in Fake History, Caleb weaves a tapestry of sorrow, joy and intrigue that is how your three favorite pseudo-historians met. Enjoy this globe-trekking tale! 

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The boy crack the code on the Ghost Phone trying to call Hong Xiuquan. They discuss how to delegate power to kings. That TBAs are better than TBDs and that the one topic Hong Xiuquan doesn't talk to God about is the civil servant's exam.

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Your favorite Pseudo-Historians continue their series on the youngest countries in the world with number 2: Kosovo. We talk about rape as a weapon, whether Mike is on drugs or not and that you wanna go way down to Kosovo. Also we talk about our First Anniversary as a show! yes can you believe it's been 1 whole year? 

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On this weeks episode your favorite Pseudo-Historians invite special Guest Will Dickerson (Mixer/Masterer of the Show and in the band Heartwell) to tell us about the most important Water Polo game in history. The 1956 Olympic meeting between Hungary and (friend of the show) the USSR. Also a very big announcement!

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