Unbuttoned History

Both Mikes are thousands of miles away in sperate directions but thankfully two incredible guests take their place: Julia L. Scherer-Hoock and Gabriel Graetz from the freedom Trail and Tea Party Ships and Museum come to go IN DEPTH on the Boston Tea Party. Yes we finally did the Tea Party.

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Caleb is showing Emma and Capatin Intern Mike how to use the Ghostphone. But when Caleb leaves the room to moisturize, the two newbies dick around with it. Thankfully everyone's American Dreams come true.

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There's a full house at the Roxbury Laboratory and today the gang discusses the worst and most evil Popes in history. Man, who'd a thought that having a singular king of your religion would lead to such gross and worldly corruption?

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Captain Intern Mike takes historians on a journey to the dark side, exploring bizarre and horrific myths from his curio of the macabre.

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Still down at the Bishop Wharf for vacation: Emma, Mike and Caleb chat with infamous Rhode Islander and Horror Writer HP Lovecraft. We discussthe number of mental health facilities in RI, swarthy immigrants, hisfeelings on women and much much more!

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