Unbuttoned History

It's Friday night on the Internet; Caleb and Terry really want to start talking about the Mongols but, Mike is nowhere to be seen. Do they dive right in? Do they wait for him to show up? Is he coming? Why are we getting amber alerts from Fitchburg? Find out in this weeks episode.

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Wading through the religious hatred of the Middle East, your favorite pseudo-historians go through the Intafada, parts one and deux.

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We go back to our own City's past in 1919 when for two day there was no law, because the cops went on strike. Which led to a hate of the AFL and to Calvin Coolidge being a shitty president. This is why we can't have nice things, like labor movements.

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Failed Revolutions continue's with Bacon's Rebellion, the most important Pre-Colonial event to have almost no information about. See how a  screwball story of people killing the wrong Indian Tribe and pissing contest between in-laws, becomes one of the great metaphors and benchmarks of America's culture for the next several hundred years.

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