Unbuttoned History

Do you believe in magic? What are you, a fucking idiot?! Join the gang in a gynecological journey through the spirit world. From ectoplasm to Anti-Semitism, we cover it all.

#teamhoudini #teammargery

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7 foot tall, Chinese Muslim eunuch badass sails around the world collecting giraffes and beating people up. What are you gunna do about it? Nothing. Zheng He.  

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Jews have been oppressed for thousands of years. Now find out about the Jews that the Jews oppress! The gang discusses the African Jewish Kingdom of Beta Israel.

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This week Blind Captain Mike really hits the mark -- the BISMARCK that is. Your Unbuttoned hosts have been saving up the tangents all holiday break and they’re ready to unleash their hilarity across a unified Germany.

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We’ve got a new name, but it’s an, old old world. On the inaugural episode of the newly-renamed Unbuttoned History, we discuss the indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia, and Europe. So light a fire, put on a robe and get casually sexy with Unbuttoned History. Unbutton it.

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