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In this episode, Caleb, Mike, and Terry discuss the French Revolution. Get that brie to room temperature, 'cause heads'll roll!

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With their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, and their guns... Man, it was exhausting in Northern Ireland for a couple of decades. Find out about the involvement of the IRA, the Ulster Volunteer Force, and Margaret Thatcher in the ethno-nationalist conflict known as The Troubles. Oh, wait... It looks like the podcast has been cancelled to make way for an Apprentice Boys of Derry March. Son of a...

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Before it was the Picasso painting, it was a horrible atrocity committed during the Spanish Civil War! Find out about the Republicans, the Nationalists, and all their friends in a conflict that Francisco Franco called, "A Triumph! Four stars!"

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The causes, the revolution, the rise and fall of a great social experiment, as well as a recipe for a smashing soft drink. All this and more in our episode on the Soviet Union. 

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Through! Tough! How can these two words be in the same language? Find out in today's episode of History Lessons. Beowulf!!

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 In this debut, three pals embark on their journey of historical enlightenment by beginning in their humble home: Boston, the Athens of America. With a special emphasis on the tourism industry, which some of the boys know intimately!

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