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Haile Selassie: Great Leader, Strongman Dictator or Divine Manifestation on Earth?

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A new series is introduced: Atrocity Deathmatch where two horrific nightmare events are compared, contrasted, evaluated and ranked. In our first edition Caleb decries Apartheid while Mike says Jim Crow is really bad.

Vote for which one you think is worse at facebook.com/historycmt

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We ahve a full house today, as all four of your favorite pseudo-historians tell the tales of the four most despicable people in history.

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Caleb and the Mikes look into the Source Code of German Assholery.

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Both Mikes are thousands of miles away in sperate directions but thankfully two incredible guests take their place: Julia L. Scherer-Hoock and Gabriel Graetz from the freedom Trail and Tea Party Ships and Museum come to go IN DEPTH on the Boston Tea Party. Yes we finally did the Tea Party.

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Caleb is showing Emma and Capatin Intern Mike how to use the Ghostphone. But when Caleb leaves the room to moisturize, the two newbies dick around with it. Thankfully everyone's American Dreams come true.

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There's a full house at the Roxbury Laboratory and today the gang discusses the worst and most evil Popes in history. Man, who'd a thought that having a singular king of your religion would lead to such gross and worldly corruption?

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Captain Intern Mike takes historians on a journey to the dark side, exploring bizarre and horrific myths from his curio of the macabre.

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Still down at the Bishop Wharf for vacation: Emma, Mike and Caleb chat with infamous Rhode Islander and Horror Writer HP Lovecraft. We discussthe number of mental health facilities in RI, swarthy immigrants, hisfeelings on women and much much more!

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While vacationing at the Bishop Wharf Caleb, Mike, Emma and Cpt. Mike the Intern talk about the three dictators that ran Paraguay in the 1800s. The good ideas, the bad ideas, and the catastrophic ideas of three very different dictators. Listen to Paraguayan rock band Flou's "A Tu Lado" at the end of the 'cast.

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We have a full house tonight at the Roxbury laboratory. This episode is a banger: weird characters, Senators revealing their sexual and intellectual ineptitude, a ratio of 50% topic and 50% tangents and sad Gaelic Violin music. Enjoy our discussion of how the American Government persecuted homosexuals for most of the Cold War.

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Today Caleb talks about a hidden Pyramid in the Mexican jungle. Then he chats with the foreman of the project and the crazy way this Pyramid was found.

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What if I told you that the Navy decided to find out if gay men were in the navy by trying to get gay decoys? And What If i told you, that job was suddenly really popular? And then what if I told you that the Clergy got caught up in it?

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Captain Intern Mike and Emma battle for your affection while Christendom battles for the Holy Land. Join us for a guided tour of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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Captain Intern Mike joins Mike and Caleb to discuss the Spread of Buddhism starting from it's Homeland in Northern India and why modern India has so few Buddhist.

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Caleb sits down with friend-of-the-show Jeff Marcus to discuss Jeff's bid to run for King of America on the Fascist Party ticket in the 2020s. Also, Caleb finds out a person in the News went to his High School.

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Mike the Intern helps Mike and Caleb learn life lessons from the medieval Khazars, including how to not care about religion, surviving on the steppe, and being Jewish way before it was cool (an era dating from 3500 BCE to the present).

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Fascism Pie

1 fluid ounce of frustrated nationalism

3 tablespoons of racism

1 nostalgic bygone era

A crumble of socialist economy

Sprinkle liberally with corrupt democratic politicians

Soupçon of Dope Ass Flag Design

Shake Vigorously until all Communists are dead

Services a population of 50 million


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There were many proud Bostonians who helped guide the United States of America to greatness, but Fate had something fantastic in store for one in particular! Which is good, because he probably wouldn't have managed on his own. Terry recounts the tale of the early American "philosopher" and trade magnate, Timothy Dexter.

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In this episode your favorite Pseudo-Historians compare a Communist Leader to an obscure Music Genre.

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In this episode the boys talk about McCarthyism and it brings the worst out in them: Caleb gets drunk and violent, Terry exploits his position as host for personal gain, and Mike submits to Sexual Mania.

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Who are the Phoenicians and why should I give a shit? Well, Caleb and Mike tell you that if it weren’t for these rag-tag Mediterranean traders we wouldn’t know anything today. It’s as easy as A, B, C. But in this instance A isn’t a vowel. They didn’t get around to vowels.

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Terry tells the tale of the most trustworthy man involved in illegal activities in Jersey City, and the unlikely event that defined his career. A story of honesty, destiny, and old, old cars.

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In this episode we close out our Badass Bitches series with Milwaukee’s Greatest Daughter: Golda Meir. Also discussed: Her Campaign promise, ‘A Missile in Every Silo, and a Moshe in every House’

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The Badass Bitches are back! The boys go to India to discover the life, time, and superpowers of one of the country's greatest... something! Three of us are in the studio, but maybe not who you think...

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Berserk Marauders? Or Global Traders? Stoic warriors? Or Unparalleled Sailors? On this episode of History Lessons with Caleb, Mike & Terry we talk about the Vikings.

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Last time we saw the boys, they were in quite the sticky situation - but it looks like things'll be getting worse before they get better! And then worse again?! What does fate have in store for Caleb, Mike, Terry, and the rest of the universe? Clap your hands if you believe!

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Caleb, Mike 7& Terry gab about a new Badass bitch: Alice Roosevelt. Then Caleb, Mike & Terry show up. It get's weird.

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The boys finally reap the rewards for all their hard work with a spectacular celebration. Everyone but Bob Hope shows up to congratulate History Lessons on a job well done. It will be totally fine.

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In this episode Caleb is alone and semi-coherently tells the tale of Vanport, Oregon and how a Flood integrated Portland, Oregon. Also exciting news abounds!

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Unleashing the fury on some Romans with your tits out. This week we tell you why you should never mess with a chick from Norfolk.

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As we all wait for the St. Bernards to come and rouse us with their tiny, warming barrels of booze during this winter hellstorm, we dip again into the lustrous pool of Badass Bitches to uncover the exploits of the greatest pirate of all time.

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Your favorite Pseudo-Historians start a new series: Badass Bitches. Where we concentrate on Women from history who can not, will not be forgotten. Our inaugural episode is on Catherine the Great aka Catherine II of Russia. Hear how a Prussian girl can be so dope that the people of Russia back her in a bloodless coup of their own ruler. 

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While snowed in alone at the Roxbury Laboratory for Snow, Snow and more fucking Snow. Caleb rememebrs a different Blizzard with the help of family tales, way back in the seventies when trucks didn't beep when they backed up and people chose to go to colllege hockey games instead of listen to the National Weather Service.

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With sickness sweeping the studio, only Terry is left to interview a guest on the Ghost Phone. Along with him, you'll find out about Quebec's potential sovereignty, the hated British, and all of the delectable cuisine you can only find in a region full of Francophonics.

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Your three favorite Petit Blancs try and keep their lives while they tell you about the most complex Risk game ever attempted: the Haitian Revolution. Learn how the Black Napoleon defeats the white Napoleon, How rich Haiti once was and why Spain and France named their territories on the same Island, the same name.

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It's getting chilly out there! Y'know, depending on where you live. Sidle up to the hearth with Terry and warm up with a cheery Christmas tale of one of the worst accidents to have ever happened. Don't worry - it works out in the end.

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Season's Greetings, Historians! In this mini episode, Caleb sits alone in the Roxbury Laboratory, and brings you the curious tale of the city of Gävle's Yuletide Goat. Which no matter how hard the builders try, gets burnt down or destroyed nearly every year. Also, why the film "The wicker Man" should never have been Americanized.

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Liberia: Blooper reel of a country or living example of the failure of humans? Today we look at a country who's altruistic beginnings gave way to hell on Earth.

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Caleb and Mike really want to talk to William Blackstone and they're committed to getting him on the Ghostphone--even if it means hanging up on a couple of historical figures along the way. This week we talk about how riding a bull feels between a man's legs, potable water and how annoying the Puritans were.

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Archery, the origins of rude gestures, and people drowning to death in mud. In our newest episode, your favorite pseudo-historians take their topic from you the fanbase, as we discuss the Battle of Agincourt.

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One of the few countries to have a bloodless revolution, in this episode your favorite pseudo-historians take a look at the emerging South American Powerhouse that is Brasíl. Colony, Kingdom, Empire, Republic, Military Junta, Melting Pot of people--learn why Caleb call's it the telenovela version of the United States of America.

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Something creepy, dumb, and unexplainable occurred in Victorian England! For what has turned out to be our Halloween episode, follow as Terry tries to make sense of this weird ghost story!

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Usually History is about far off lands and powerful people making changes to the world. But in today's tangent-laden episode we talk about the history that's closer to home: Family Folklore. 

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Terry is alone in the Roxbury Laboratory on National Homemade Cookies day, but instead of the woman who invented them he Gets the inspiration for Dracula, Vlad Draculea. Also we find out what happens when the ghostphone rings for us.

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Terry stumbles upon a not ready for primetime Caleb. they talk about his Great grandfather and family folklore. Then they go on a 20 minute tangent. You know our show.

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Something creepy happened in the Ural Mountains of Russia, and it can't be explained. Or can it? Come with Terry and find out on this presumably spooky excursion into the weird and mildly unusual.

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'Twas the day before Caleb's Birthday and everyone was coming to the Roxbury Laboratory for BBQ and day drinking. So what better way to pass the time before the party starts then to talk about the Native American/Indios/Indian/First Nation Civil Rights movement! Emma Wiegand comes on for definitely the first time and certainly not the third as our special guest star!

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It's Carnivale in Roxbury, and while music booms, Indians groom their feathers and jerk is grilled, we bring you the conclusion of our two parter on the Mongols. In this episode we take from Genghis Khan's Death and take you on a journey around the enormous Mongol empire. from Kublai Khan and the Yuan Dynasty in China, to the Golden Horde's ravaging of Eastern Europe. We learn how one of the world's greatest empires, splits into four groups and then slowly disintegrates for hundreds of years. Also we talk about what kind of fruit we like.

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Hey, remember when like most of the World was conquered by people from Mongolia? In this episode Caleb, Mike and Terry try to figure out how a bunch of nomadic horsemen from the steppe of Asia the ran from the Chinese Coasts to Eastern Europe. And the dichotomy of people of utter religious tolerance who also believed that the killing of animals, under penalty of death, was to be done purely by crushing their hearts with their hands.

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Caleb and Mike are drunk and on vacation. They don't want to do any work, but they have to record an episode of the show. So why not just dial a random number on the ghostphone?

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In a totally normal, not different in anyway episode, the clearly male Pseudo-Historians talk about a great woman: Isabella Stewart Gardner.

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It's Friday night on the Internet; Caleb and Terry really want to start talking about the Mongols but, Mike is nowhere to be seen. Do they dive right in? Do they wait for him to show up? Is he coming? Why are we getting amber alerts from Fitchburg? Find out in this weeks episode.

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Wading through the religious hatred of the Middle East, your favorite pseudo-historians go through the Intafada, parts one and deux.

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We go back to our own City's past in 1919 when for two day there was no law, because the cops went on strike. Which led to a hate of the AFL and to Calvin Coolidge being a shitty president. This is why we can't have nice things, like labor movements.

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Failed Revolutions continue's with Bacon's Rebellion, the most important Pre-Colonial event to have almost no information about. See how a  screwball story of people killing the wrong Indian Tribe and pissing contest between in-laws, becomes one of the great metaphors and benchmarks of America's culture for the next several hundred years.

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On this very special 50th episode, your favorite Pseudo-Historians discuss who they think are the 7 shittiest presidents, why they sucks and why other notable shitty presidents didn't make the list.

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Celebrate the anniversary of the Great War with the racist ruminations of a bloodthirsty poof.

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To pay for the suffering of black people, we will take your joy in this mirthless episode: we examine Ta-Nehisi’s article of the same name and get real mad and sad.


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Since we just finished a series on the 6 Newest Nations, we thought, why not keep it going with a new Series? History Lessons presents Failed revolution, a series on some of histories most and least known failed revolts, uprisings, revolutions and Armed protests. This week we being with The Jewish Uprising or Great Revolt between the Jews of Judea and the Roman empire. Learn about how political infighting ruins revolutions and that if you're a middle aged white man and super into the Roman Empire, you're probably a fascist.

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The boys peer through the kaleidoscope of violence that is South Sudan see all of human history. This is the final installment of the 6 Newest Nations series.

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From the annals of Russian Incompetence Volume #8097, The Winter War, or: How Cross Country Skiing and Frozen Swamps Humiliated the Soviet Union.

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Caleb is alone in the studio which means only one thing: Stuff that's not true! On this edition of Today in Fake History, Caleb weaves a tapestry of sorrow, joy and intrigue that is how your three favorite pseudo-historians met. Enjoy this globe-trekking tale! 

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The boy crack the code on the Ghost Phone trying to call Hong Xiuquan. They discuss how to delegate power to kings. That TBAs are better than TBDs and that the one topic Hong Xiuquan doesn't talk to God about is the civil servant's exam.

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Your favorite Pseudo-Historians continue their series on the youngest countries in the world with number 2: Kosovo. We talk about rape as a weapon, whether Mike is on drugs or not and that you wanna go way down to Kosovo. Also we talk about our First Anniversary as a show! yes can you believe it's been 1 whole year? 

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On this weeks episode your favorite Pseudo-Historians invite special Guest Will Dickerson (Mixer/Masterer of the Show and in the band Heartwell) to tell us about the most important Water Polo game in history. The 1956 Olympic meeting between Hungary and (friend of the show) the USSR. Also a very big announcement!

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In this episode of History Lessons with Caleb, Mike & Terry Caleb reports alone from his house and does a whole episode on the History you never heard of, because it never happened. Three tales from across space and time: 1969 San Francisco, the Big Bang and also early 80s Minneapolis and Paris in the year 875. Follow Caleb on his journey through time, but probably don't 'cause it's all bullshit.

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In this weeks episode we continue our Series of the 6 Newest Nations with Montenegro. Caleb and Mike try to stay on topic in this Terry-less episode. Hear about the EU, The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, Christopher Hitchens, which Pseudo-Historian is the fans' favorite--and maybe if they have time Montenegro.

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The boys tackle what some call the Bloodiest War in History. Thousands dead. Total War. Proto-Communism. All this from an Asian guy being stressed out by a test.

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We continue our series of the 6 Newest Nations with East Timor. The Boys talk about Sub-par Colonization, Revolutionary Groups with cool Acronym names and the Winter Olympics.

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Your favorite Pseudo-Historians welcome Boston rapper/Producer/Engineer and Hip Hop Historian Myart. We Discuss the music and culture from it's forebearers in the Caribbean and it's humble South Bronx Block Party starts to it's current status as the most dominant music in the World. Check out Myart at: facebook.com/myartsmash @MyartSmash on twitter hulkshare.com/myartsmash and Youtube.com/Myartsmash

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Caleb and Terry continue our new Series The 6 Newest Nations with number 5 on our list: Palau. Palau's history is very much like the country: small, relatively unimportant, and changing hands every 20 years. Later an uninvited guest drops by and things descend from there.

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This week we start our new series "The 6 Newest Nations" where we focus on the world's youngest countries and their short and sometimes long histories. This week Caleb and Terry kick it off with #6 Eritrea.

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The boys call up Margaret Thatcher to give her a REAL talking to.

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Your favorite pseudo-historians try and figure out why people talk funny in different places.

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Come ye merry gentlemen and learn of the diverse ways you can piss off the Pope.

Direct download: HLHeretics.mp3
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The Boys have their first Living guest: Musician and Spoken Word Artist Duncan Wilder Johnson. We discuss his upcoming Documentary "Leave Behind a Groove in the Earth" which tells the tale of the band Sam Black Church. 

Kickstarter Details here: 

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Reefer Madness is a real thing that will kill you -- and other very true facts about weed, in this most dank episode of History Lessons.

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Slavery--not just for black people anymore. Join your favorite pseudo-historians as they uncover the experience of Chinese Immigrants in the West.

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Mike and Caleb speak to the greatest saint who ever lived.

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Following a fan’s suggestion, the boys take a whirlwind tour around the globe in 1491. Spoiler Alert: Columbus didn’t discover shit.

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This week picks up right from our cliffhanger ending. Why did the Ghostphone turn itself on? Who was James Sokolove warning us about? What is the Armenkamp Foundation, really? All this and more in our exciting new Minisode.

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The boys tackle the history of Islam and solve the whole Middle East thing.

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Mike is in the studio alone with show intern, Tucker Ramses. Friend of the show James Sokolove drops by to talk about his new legal social network, Sokolaw, and to give the boys a celestial warning. Guest starring Joe Ruscio.

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Insane Violent crime levels, Actor Presidents, Shoulder Pads, and Live Aid all this and more on our dissection of the 80's.

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Discover the true and bloody meaning behind this seemingly innocuous holiday. Employer versus Employee! Historians of the world, unite!

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With the help of the Ghost Phone, Caleb and Mike call up gothic fictionist Edgar Allen Poe. We also introduce a new member of the History Lessons team! Guest starring Joe Ruscio.

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Using the Ghost Phone, Mike and Terry reach out to one of America’s most historic duos – the Wright Brothers! Meanwhile, Caleb screams in an endless tunnel of fire and wind. Guest starring Joe Ruscio.

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The boys reach across time and space to speak to Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun! Now get out. Today, you're gonna learn about the Meiji Restoration, when Japan learned how to be like the West, in terms of conquering people, killing them for having different skin tones, etc.

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This week, the boys try desperately not to say disparaging things about religious figures, five in all! Rumi, Jan Hus, Bahá'u'lláh, Malcom X, and Dorothy Day all get the History Lessons treatment.

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In this minisode, Mike and Terry conduct an interview with the creator of a new historical chronology, Anatoly Fomenko. This is mostly true.

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To celebrate the independence of their country, the boys are goin' to West Africa! Learn about the Land of Gold, the apparently real city of Timbuktu, the most extravagant road trip to Mecca, and how being too kind can ruin a sensitive economy. And: a special secret guest. I NEED GOOOOOLD!

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Enjoy a bite size episode about a special fish in the Massachusetts State House. Listen to guaranteed evidence that we're all goddamn crazies around here.

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Olmecs? Toltecs? Aztecs? Who the heck are all these ‘ecs?! Find out today about these people, their sports, their sacrifices – and learn to love again.

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 Rich people. Who are they? And how did the get that way? Caleb, Mike, and Terry give you the deets. Also: labor unions, locusts, and Liberace. 

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 Let's discover how the Second Great Awakening defined the character of the American religious experience. And also, how to trick people into letting you bang their wives and daughters.

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From Angkor Wat through French-Indochina, the Khmer Rouge, and Civilization IV. Caleb, Mike, and Terry delve into some wonderful and terrible things that happened in Cambodia over the course of many years.

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In this episode, Caleb, Mike, and Terry discuss 5000 amazing years in the cradle of civilization.

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It's been a long week in Boston, the place which Caleb, Mike, and Terry call home. They discuss the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the events of the days following, as well as their experiences at the time and their reflections on the aftermath. 

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