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Listen to the Russians work out the principles of the enlightenment a couple hundred years too late and completely cock it up. Think of it as the rejected pilot of the Communist Revolution.

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We are governed by foolish men. Today we learn that  those sent to covertly protect us are actually dipshits and sociopaths. It’s CIA FuckUps.

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From the Delhi Sultanate to the Ming Dynasty to modern day Indonesia, the gang explains why Islam is more FAR East than Middle East.

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Much like the Tootsie Pop, how many revolutions does it take to free a country from Spain...One, Two, Threeeeeee--Crunch! Simon Bolivar: Monster or Mensch?

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Hey! Turns out genocide is not super funny. But listen to this anyway! The gang dissects the Armenian and Rwandan Genocides without ever referencing the Kardashians--oh goddamnit.

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Take 1.2 million squares miles of arable land.


Add 1.2 billion human beings.


Season with armor plated war elephants and values of religious tolerance and learning.


Shake vigorously.


This is the how you make a great empire of India.


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Pin-up Girls? Rosie the Riveter? They got nothing on these badass bitches. Learn about the super spies, skirted snipers, and tank piloting girlfriends that led the allies to victory in World War Two.

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The best person who will ever live has already come and gone, so you can stop trying so hard.

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Do you believe in magic? What are you, a fucking idiot?! Join the gang in a gynecological journey through the spirit world. From ectoplasm to Anti-Semitism, we cover it all.

#teamhoudini #teammargery

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7 foot tall, Chinese Muslim eunuch badass sails around the world collecting giraffes and beating people up. What are you gunna do about it? Nothing. Zheng He.  

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